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This gets attached to the assets you want to track. You can use adhesive, Velcro (R), zip tie or a screw. Its built tough for enterprise applications, with a multi-year battery life.


Drop this tiny-yet-powerful reader in anywhere you want continuous monitoring, without depending on your team's smartphones to be around. Setup is as easy as connecting power and network, and you'll need only a few for even the biggest areas.


With Visybl's apps your iPhone and Android turn into powerful asset monitoring tools. Use your existing phone to capture inventory in your warehouse, office, or even en route in vehicles.

Visybl CloudView

Visybl CloudView shows where all your business assets are, recent activity, asset temperature and much more -- all from your favorite browser. You can also add other team members, setup alerts, generate reports, and configure CloudNodes.

We'll give you 2 free beacons!

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Deep, meaningful asset data

Go beyond just inventory, and develop real Asset Awareness (TM)


Know your assets are where you expect them to be, with continuous and automatic updates. Get instant alerts if anything disappears.


Have assets that need to stay cool? Set your temperature limits in the Visybl Cloud, and get instant alerts when there is a problem, complete with asset name, time and location.


Locate assets quickly, using the map view and zone location. AssetBeacons can even blink to get your attention, and speed up finding.


For the most important assets, get notified as soon as they are moved.


    Visybl's high-performance solution is perfectly suited to the challenge of covering large areas such as DC yards, car dealerships, rental lots. Now you can deploy a solution that doesn't have heavy infrastructure pre-requisites. With Visybl, you can get started with as little as your drivers' smartphones, and add CloudNodes around dock doors and gate houses for increased reliability.
    In a healthcare environment, nothing is as critical as finding the medical asset--monitor, pump, gurney--and finding it quickly. Empower you personnel by putting the information right in their palms, on their smartphones. Simplify PAR-level audits to the touch of a button. With in-built temperature monitoring, you can extend the Visybl platform to track storage conditions as well.
    Today's RFID solutions for livestock monitoring are exceedingly limited, and leave many blindspots in pens, trucks and pastures. Visybl's solution can provide continuous visibility in all these areas, a key factor in monitoring herd health and breaking disease chains.
    With a Visybl beacon on their belt, backpack or helmet you can automate the process of knowing of who is at work and where. Be notified the instant someone you waiting for walks in the door. With wide-are visibility, you don't need to worry about inaccurate site counts due to misreads or piggybacking. In case of emergencies, use your phone to check everyone is at the muster point.
    Whether your warehouse handles paper towels, or auto parts or liquids, Visybl's solution has the power to ensure 100% visibility. Go beyond tracking only at dock doors, and bring visibility to the entire warehouse. Use Visybl's in-built pick-to-light feature to find containers intuitively. Use the temperature monitoring feature to ensure produce, dairy etc are being stored correctly.
    Visybl beacons can be easily read through server cabinets and blade stacks. Go from unreliable periodic, manual inventory to 24/7/365 data center visibility. Find specific assets quickly, by making the AssetBeacon's LED blink. Secure critical assets such as data tapes with Visybl's motion sensitive beacons.
    From display compliance, marketing campaign monitoring, high-value asset security and front- and back-room inventory, Visybl's solution finds numerous application in retail.


Do I need a special phone to read your beacons?

You need phones that support Bluetooth Low Energy (not the same as Bluetooth). iPhone 5 and later, as well as most Android KitKat (or later) devices support BLE. Newer models such as iPhone 6 and Nexus 6 perform better.

How far can I pick up AssetBeacons from?

Indoors, you can typically read AssetBeacons from 100-200 feet away, using either a smartphone, or a CloudNode. Outdoors, with fewer obstructions, you can get twice that.

What type of assets can I attach AssetBeacons to?

You can attach them to almost anything you want tracked: laptops, vehicles, pallets, people, containers. You can even attach them to shelves and walls to serve as location markers, to give your apps location context.

I'm not very technical. Can I use your product?

Our solution is designed in every way for non-technical users. If you can physically attach AssetBeacons, plug in a CloudNode, download an app, and login, you are a Visybl user!

We have only 20 assets to track. Does Visybl make sense to me?

Absolutely. Visybl solution is so simple to install and use, its perfect for small deployments.

How can I get an evaluation kit?

First, sign up for our free beacons giveaway. Next, email us with some details ( We like nothing better than seeing our products being tried out worldwide.

Are your AssetBeacons water-resistant? Do they work when wet, frozen, or submerged?

We will be releasing a sealed version soon. While read range will be diminished, they can be read even fully submerged.

How do you determine asset location? Do your AssetBeacons have a GPS?

AssetBeacons don't have a GPS. If they are read by a smartphone, we use the phone's GPS for location. When they are read by CloudNodes, its manually configured location ("Warehouse 21, Door 42") is used.

How accurately does the AssetBeacon measure temperature?

Within 1 degree C.

What happens when the battery in my AssetBeacons dies?

AssetBeacon batteries last for years. Months before the battery is about to run out, our cloud--which is always watching them--will let you know. Our subscription service includes AssetBeacon replacements, shipped straight to you.

I need to use your solution where there is no WiFi. Or even no Internet.

AssetBeacon information can be sent to the cloud using your smartphone's 3G connection. If there is no Internet at all, our smartphone app and the CloudNodes can store and forward.

Do I need a CloudNode in my application?

Not necessarily (though we recommend it). If you want to monitor your assets even when there is no phone around--or maybe your employees have private phones they don't want to use for work--thats when you need a CloudNode. You get fix-and-forget reliability with CloudNodes.

We use iBeacons from another vendor. Can I just get your CloudNode to use as a BLE gateway?

Yes, CloudNodes do work with iBeacons (or other BLE devices) as well.

We want to extend your solution. Are there any APIs we can use?

Yes, there are. Email us for more details.

Can I use AssetBeacons, with our own app?

Yes, using our SDKs you can integrate AssetBeacons into existing mobile app.

We're concerned about privacy.

So are we! AssetBeacons store no data about the asset (or person) they are attached to. They broadcast a simple number, which is associated with the asset only in the cloud database, which you have to login to. Our cloud service is hosted on Google's App Engine and Amazon Web Services.


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